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Lars Ahn is an award-winning Danish author of speculative fiction. He was born in South Korea but was adopted as an infant and grew up in Denmark. He lives in the city of Roskilde where he works as a journalist.

He has published one novel and more than 30 short stories in Danish. His latest collection won the Danish Horror Society’s 2017 award for Best Horror Publication of the Year, and he also has two Niels Klim Awards for best science fiction short story in Danish.

In 2016, one of his stories was turned into the short feature Murdering Katarina by director Kim Lysgaard Andersen.

Short stories in English

A Review: The Reunion of the Survivors of Sigrún 7 (Lightspeed Magazine issue 162, November 2023)
“Written as a review of Riviera’s documentary, this short story is just as secretive and full of implications as the film’s subject.”
Alex Brown, Tor.com: Must Read Short Speculative Fiction: November 2023

Donation (The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories Vol. 1, Valancourt Books, December 2020, translated by James D. Jenkins)
Also available in Hungarian.
World Fantasy Award Finalist: Best Anthology
“Jenkins and Cagle cast their net wide to cull stories that would distinguish any compilation in which they appeared. This book is a must for horror fans and the start of an exciting new series.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Lars Ahn’s “Donation” (Denmark), about a couple who discover they’ll do anything to prove they are right for each other, is probably my favorite of the bunch. But the range of stories presented suggests no one will be without something to love.”
World Literature Today

Mermaid Remixed (James Gunn’s Ad Astra issue #8, July 2020)
All Alice ever wanted was to hear them sing. That’s what I told her father, when they brought me to him, after what happened in Guam. At first, he just stared at me, like I was some bug he was tempted to pull the legs off, one at a time. Then he started talking.
“I want you to tell me one thing and one thing only: Exactly what were you two up to?”

Behind the Walls (The World of Fear, Storytel Original, 2018)
Audio only. Also available in seven other languages (Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Hindi and Arabic).

The Last of His Kind (Unconventional Fantasy: Forty Years of World Fantasy Conventions, 2014)
Anthology given to members of the 2014 World Fantasy Convention.

Interrogation of Victim No. 5 (Sky City – New Science Fiction Stories by Danish Authors, Science Fiction Cirklen, 2010)
Sky City was reviewed (twice!) by Steven H. Silver at SF Site and on his own website.
It also got some nice reviews by SFBook and by Jonathan Cowie at Concatenation.
You can still buy it from the publisher, Science Fiction Cirklen.